【The most accurate blood pressure smart watch】”BS Doctor” Smart watch



The Doctor's Watch features a patented Air Ring design. The cuff automatically inflates when measured to fully elevate your wrist just like the Omron blood pressure monitor. The watch can Automatically measure blood pressure and other health indicators such as Automatic non-invasive blood sugar measurement, heart rate measurement, SPO2, body temperature measurement ... warning when there is danger.


Measure and Automatically Measure Blood Pressure

  • Blood pressure measurement using Optical technology such as Apple and Samsung Watch are using. The only difference is that you don't have to connect to the App to still measure
  • Blood pressure measurement by mechanical technology using oscillation method. Mechanical Air Cuff technology for more accurate readings than Ormon wrist blood pressure monitors


Place your hand at heart level, press the button, Cuff Technology will automatically inflate and deflate (Like a wrist sphygmomanometer, Ormon biceps) to end a measurement. The blood pressure measurement results are displayed on the watch and the application as shown in the video below


Automatically monitor blood pressure in certain time period


Measure blood oxygen level SPO2

To test, simply press a button, hold your hand over your heart and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate on its own.


24/7 heart rate monitoring

The BS Doctor watch always monitors your heart rate. Provides comprehensive heart health data. Detect abnormalities and warn of cardiovascular health. The BS watch always monitors the variability and detects irregularities of the heart rate...


Thermometer on the wrist. Alerts when there is an abnormality

Measure body temperature according to set time. Warning when body temperature has abnormal signs


Apnea warning

The BS Doctor smartwatch detects apnea (Apnoea) by continuously monitoring SpO2. Users at risk of respiratory failure or heavy snoring, the watch will vibrate very gently to encourage you to change your sleeping position to reduce symptoms.


Automatically track health indicators in certain time. Warning when health indicators are not good

BS Doctor smart watch automatically monitors your health such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2, Breathing rate .... Alerts you when health indicators are not guaranteed


Warning signs of danger such as stroke, atrial fibrillation.
The Doctor's Watch detects danger signs by continuously monitoring blood pressure and SpO2. Warn your loved ones about abnormal signs of health indicators, timely detection to adjust health


Monitor and warn your loved ones' health

Smart Health application allows to manage the health of the whole family. All BS Doctor data synchronized in the app can be shared with your family remotely so they can monitor their loved one's health at any time.

Measure blood sugar without drawing blood

Using photonic chip technology to measure optical absorption spectroscopy. The sensor emits wavelengths of instrument light that can enter an area beneath the skin where capillary interstitial fluid can be absorbed by glucose. The light is then reflected back to the sensor to know the glucose temperature. An algorithm then determines the body's blood glucose level. Doctor Watch automatically measures blood sugar in the body, drawing a continuous blood sugar chart. Suitable for pregnant women to monitor pregnancy blood sugar at home.


Sports practice tracking mode such as badminton, cycling, table tennis ...

Doctor's watch full of sports training modes such as badminton, cycling, steps, basketball, table tennis


Notification mode for calls, messages...

Doctor Doctor Watch also offers all the necessary functions you would expect such as push notifications, call alerts, reminders and vibration alerts to help you lead a more convenient and productive life.


Vibration alarm to wake up and remind

Vibrating alarm to wake up and remind. The BS watch supports vibration alarms that gently wake you up at the desired time.


The BS Doctor Technology team includes former Omron Senior Technical Specialist, Renowned Cardiology Doctor, Human Brain Senior Researcher, Technical Expert created. Doctor's Blood Pressure Monitor


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    BS Doctor BS 6

    Price  : 350$  299$

    Warranty: 1 year (In stock)

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    BS Doctor BS 8

    Price  : 350$  299$

    Warranty: 1 year (In stock)

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    BS Doctor BS 9

    Price  : 350$  299$

    Warranty: 1 year (In stock)

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    BS Doctor BS 12

    Price  : 350$  299$

    Warranty: 1 year (In stock)

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    Omron Heart Guide

    Price  : 700$  650$

    Warranty: 1 year (In stock)

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    Air Bag BS 6,8,9,12

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    Doctor's watches are aimed at European customers, so they must meet strict quality standards. American brand products are certified by European standards CE, RoSH


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      Is blood pressure measurement accurate?

      Exactly like the types of electronic blood pressure monitors Wrist and biceps like Ormon's (most hospitals now use electronic meters) Directly test with Ormon wrist blood pressure monitor at the store or via video call

      What is Air Cuff Technology?

      Similar to Ormon's biceps or wrist measurement technology. Use the sensor to measure the air pressure when pumping in to calculate the blood pressure reading.

      Does the measurement of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, SPO2 need to be connected to a mobile phone like Apple or Samsung?

      Independent meter, no need to connect to the phone. Only sync data to the phone.

      Is the quick blood pressure measurement feature similar to Samsung, Apple Watch?

      Same but different in that no need to connect to APP

      Can I wear a watch on my right hand?

      Yes, but it should not be worn on the right hand, because the left hand is closer to the heart and the ECG signal is stronger. At the same time, according to the principle of pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine, the meaning of the pulse of the left and right hand will be different. Watch monitoring data and background AI are based on left hand data, so you should wear it on left hand.

      Are the watches and bands waterproof?

      The waterproof rating of the bracelet (or watch) is IP65. It is not recommended to wear when swimming, sauna or bathing, soaking in water.

      Are the product types with different features?

      Quality, technology and product features are the same

      How long is the warranty period of the watch?

      Warranty 1 year from date of purchase.

      Origin of the product?

      American brand, made in China, distributed globally. China is now the factory of the world

      What phone versions does the mobile app support?

      iPhone system version requires I0S 8.0 or higher, and Android phone system version requires Android 6.0, Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

      Does blood pressure, heart rate .. be reported on the phone of a loved one?

      Yes, through the sharing of data information between family accounts on the app

      Is it possible to set automatic health monitoring interval? Warning when signs of bad health?

      Can be set to automatically follow a defined period of time and warn when there are signs of bad health

      What is the feature of controlling music from the watch and controlling the photo of the watch?

      You can control music or take pictures from the watch

      Is it necessary to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone at all times when wearing the watch?

      Turn on Bluetooth when you want to sync data with the app on your phone

      What is a normal blood pressure, heart rate, SP02 reading?

      Systolic blood pressure between 90 mmHg and 129 mmHg.

      Diastolic blood pressure: Between 60 mmHg and 84 mmHg.

      Low blood pressure when the systolic blood pressure is <90 mmHg and/or the diastolic blood pressure is <60 mmHg

      The heart rate of a normal person will fall between 60-100 beats / minute. Middle-aged people are about 50-96 beats/minute

      SpO2 from 97 - 99%: Good blood oxygen index;

      SpO2 from 94 - 96%: Average blood oxygen index, need to breathe more oxygen;

      How long does it take to be fully charged?

      It will normally take about 60 minutes at room temperature.

      Is the luminous mechanism of the watch harmful to the human body?

      The watch will emit intermittent blue light which is used to sense human heart rate, blood pressure and pulse signals. The lamp does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, or radioactive rays. Light has a very low luminous intensity, which does not cause any effect on the human body.

      Want to see the product and check out the features and buy it?

      Customers go to distribution stores to see or connect to see and test products directly Customers can call video Call to view and test products as required. We ship to you to check and pay the shipping staff.

      In a remote province, how is the warranty?

      Electronic watches have very little product defect rate. Currently warranty at the distribution system or delivered to the warranty center in Hanoi.

      How to connect the watch to the phone?

      The most simple design watch for the user. Just register an account on the App, Sign in and go to the device section to connect.



      Master ChipNordic 52832
      Oxygen in the bloodOSRAM (osram) 2703
      Temperature sensorArray CT1711
      Chip PPGOSRAM (osram) 2703
      GuaranteeOne year
      Compatible systemAndroid 4.4 above,IOS 8.2 above
      SourceChina, Vietnam
      Other functionsBlood pressure measurement, step counting, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise your hand and light up the screen, information reminder, etc.
      Screen TypeIPS HD TFT
      Bluetooth4.2BLE(low power consumption)
      Battery typeHigh density Li-polymer
      Battery capacity200mah use 3-4 days, standby 8-10 days
      Charger typeMagnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
      Charging timeAbout 2-3 hours
      Care functionReal-time data sharing homepag
      Operation modeFull screen touch control, mobile APP control
      LanguageWatch language: French, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Malay, Korean, Chinese and Polish
      APP language: French. English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish Circuit, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, , Chinese etc.
      MaterialCase: metal alloy Shell
      Bottom: PC + ABS + 316 medical steel strap: environmental protection TPU leather strap
      PackWatch, charging cable, manual, packing box